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The Carter County Fair Board welcomes your help and input! Board members are a diverse range of ages and occupations who share a common goal: they want the mission of the Fair to succeed, the fairgrounds to grow and host recreational and cultural events for our community and the region as a whole.
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Blake Bentley stands tall taking ticket money at the back gate.
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Bob Caummisar lines up vendors and booths and then mans the "Popmobile" during the fair.
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Carter County Fair, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which plans and conducts an annual fair event in Carter County in compliance with Kentucky Revised Statutes and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KRS 247.220 and 302 KAR 15:010).

Activities generally include but are not limited to: livestock shows and sales, agricultural and rural cultural exhibits, horse events, carnival attractions, live music performances and motor events. These endeavors further our purpose of overall advancements in youth education, local tourism, economic development, agriculture and rural cultural resources. All services are provided on a non-discriminatory basis.


Since incorporating and restructuring in 1997, the activities conducted by Carter County Fair, Inc. have grown in attendance, scope and financial stability.

Our management team consists of a volunteer board of directors which includes the County Judge Executive, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Grayson Jaycees. In addition to those voting members, the fair utilizes the expertise and leadership of an advisory panel that includes representatives from the Carter County extension service, local livestock association and Farm Bureau.

Work is divided among the board via an extensive committee system. Communication and progress is monitored through monthly scheduled meetings of the board, while committees schedule meetings and work dates at their members discretion. The group owns and maintains a fairgrounds facility with a amphitheatre, grandstands, portable bleachers, motor arena, livestock and show barn, portable ticket booths and office trailer.


The Carter County Fair provides a variety of services to the community beyond the scheduling and implementation of the annual fair event. In addition to the monthly meetings for information sharing with the community, the fair has partnered with other organizations to further enhance economic and recreational opportunity within Carter County.

The fairgrounds are available to lease for events and have been used by area organizations to host music festivals, corn mazes, fireworks displays, equipment auctions, agricultural field day events and picnics.

In 1999, the fair began co-sponsoring the Memorial Day Horse Show long associated with Grayson's Memory Days Celebration. The Carter County Summer Bash is a joint venture of the Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce and the Carter County Fair Board. This event, a large scale raffle, brought over 8,500 people to Grayson and was able to raise $230,000 for recreation and other community development projects in 2003. The last Summer Bash was conducted in 2006.

Among the services by the Carter County Fair planned for the future are a livestock show facility and barn complex, equestrian showing facilities and barn complex, community exhibition hall, concession and shelter facilities, expanded grandstands and space for a multitude of users -- families, youth, seniors and organizations. The purchase of 88 acres adjacent to I-64 west of Grayson on US 60 has made many advancements possible. The board hopes to continue its effort to build upon the masterplan and increase the grounds usefulness and accessibility.


Analysis of the 2000 census data for Carter County reveals that 24.5% of the population is under 18-years-old. Recent studies report that nearly one-half of the population of the area struggles with illiteracy. The county's unemployment rate regularly ranks as one of the highest in the commonwealth. Tobacco farmers are faced with the task of re-defining their purpose and seeking alternative means to make a living.

Creating an environment where initiative and creativity is rewarded, the Fair works to empower its volunteers and the community. Recognizing its role as the primary provider of summer entertainments, the board works to provide an action-packed schedule at an economically feasible price.

The Carter County Fair seeks to create and maintain opportunities for recreation and education for the community's young people. Strong alliances with the county 4-H leaders and Vocational Agriculture programs promote hands-on activities and creative outlets with a "learning is fun" appeal. Concert and theater projects could give further chances for area youth to engage and develop new interests and skills.

Emphasis on the science of agriculture and livestock production highlights the potential for projects and businesses that can be modeled and run in Eastern Kentucky. Alliances with the resources of the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension service agents provide for continuing education for adults on a variety of subjects.

The Fair hopes to create a focal point for the community to participate in educational, economic and recreation programs.
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We hope you will join us for a meeting or event soon! For any questions you might have about the procedure for renting the grounds or getting involved with the fair, please contact any of the officers listed at the right.
Barry Shaffer - President
606-316-2100 - C

Cindy Gibson - Vice President
606-922-4391 - C

Kimberly Flaugher - Secretary
606-225-0595 - C

Will Davis - Treasurer

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